“You have to install development tools first.” Issue with installing Nomad CLI

I found out about an awesome toolset for automating all of the minutiae of signing and deploying iOS applications called Nomad CLI. I heard about it from the App Business Podcast, show number 92. I did have an issue getting it installed but I did stumble upon the answer which I wanted to share here.

If you get the error “You have to install development tools first.” after running “gem install nomad-cli”, simply run “sudo gcc”. If you see that you have to agree to Apple’s terms and license, then you have the same problem I did. All you have to do from there is tap “space” until you reach the end of the document and then type “agree”. After that, you will be taken to the command line where you can run “gem install nomad-cli” and you’re off to the races!

I will update this post if I have any other issues. Otherwise, feel free to leave comments about any issues you have as well.

Don Marges

Don Marges

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