Why WinJS is a glimpse of the future of development

I read an article on WinJS and how it represents a shift towards a Ubiquitous JavaScript world. I definitely recommend you check out the article.

If you haven’t jumped on the JavaScript bandwagon I highly recommend that you do. Even if it doesn’t become your primary language of choice, you should have a deeper understanding of the language. If you’re a beginner then just a cursory Google search on getting started will do. If you’re an Intermediate, I reviewed a book that gets down and dirty with some of the language’s more advanced concepts. You can find that review here.

I’ve touched on this in a previous post, but JavaScript is fast becoming a truly ubiquitous programming language. With tools like PhoneGap and Titanium, you can build mobile apps with JavaScript. The aforementioned WinJS was built to allow developers to build Windows 8 apps, and now Apple is allowing you to write desktop apps in JavaScript. In fact, I have been playing around with the Game Development tool Unity and it allows you to script with JavaScript. Even specific to Web Development, there are a ton of front-end frameworks and with Node.js, Full stack JavaScript development is possible.

I know that JavaScript can be ugly at times, both syntactically and how it works under the hood. But if you combine your JavaScript knowledge with CoffeeScript, I feel that this gives you a nice and easy to read coating around JavaScript.

Don Marges

Don Marges

Fullstack Web Developer

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