Switching to Vim – Day 2

Wow! I’m killing it with Vim! With my new workflow (I will detail in another post) I definitely feel very productive. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like much of a time savings in terms of switching back and forth between your editor and the browser, but when you are doing repeatedly through out the day, it really adds up. On top of this, I feel that I get distracted less such that when I see a bug or a problem with the code, I can just make the change right in the browser be able to use the Debugger in Chrome Dev Tools. The Terminal Chrome Extension also adds a tab in Chrome Dev Tools next to the ‘Console’ tab. So I have been coding in Vim as well as watching the Console for errors, etc. IT IS GLORIOUS!!!

I thought searching would be a little trickier than it turned out to be, but it’s just the ‘/’ followed by whatever you are looking for. Another handy-dandy thing I found was the go to line number command. Just type in the colon followed by the line number and you’re right there!

Now, if you’re a Vim veteran you’re probably laughing at my n00bishness (officially a word now). But laugh not! This is such a rad setup and Vim isn’t that hard to get used to. So for anyone who comes across this, if I can pick it up, so can you!

Don Marges

Don Marges

Fullstack Web Developer

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