Switching to Vim – Day 1

Sweet! Armed with the Terminal Emulator Chrome Extension and Vim, I was able to write the Intro article to this series in it! I didn’t crash and burn as I expected to. I definitely thought it would be harder than it is so far. I’ve even been able to use it as my primary code editor! This is exciting! Granted, I haven’t had to actually search for anything in a file, nor have I made use of any of the advanced features it offers.

As with trying anything new, it felt pretty awkward at first. I kept hitting ‘:w’ without hitting ‘esc’ first for example. However, I got up to speed pretty quicky so far and have moved on to using commands like ‘yy’ for copying a whole line for example. This is not painful in the least! So far I’m leaning towards making it a permanent switch from Sublime Text 2 but I will keep going for a few more days. Oh and I have LiveReload running too, so Chrome automatically refreshes on saving a file.

Now, if only I could find a Pink Princess theme for Vim I would be over the moon…

Don Marges

Don Marges

Fullstack Web Developer

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