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About Me

I absolutely love Programming and have been coding in one form or another since I was 8 years old. I started writing games in BASIC and then later moved on to Assembly and then C++. After graduating College, I saw the rise of the Web and fell in love with developing code for the web. I got my start writing a lot of JavaScript and working on WordPress sites.

Since 2011, I have worked extensively in JavaScript and have a wealth of experience with frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. I also have experience with frameworks and libraries like Ember, Backbone, and Marionette.

What I’ve Worked On

I've worked on dozens of projects, the most visible is my work with the Postmedia Digital Innovation team. I've worked on projects like the Timbits Framework, the Pantry caching library and worked on the architecture that would power the company's entire Mobile App Portfolio.

Through my work on the Innovation team, I also gained experience with D3, SVG, Canvas, and WebGL. On the back-end, I have been working with Node.js for roughly 6 years.

I’m Really Good At

I'm experienced with JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C++, and Assembly Language

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