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I am a total JavaScript ninja. I have spent the last 11 years creating Web Applications, Mobile Applications, User Interfaces, Games and Open Source Libraries all in JavaScript.

I've worked on dozens of projects over the years, the most visible is my work with the Postmedia Digital Innovation team. These projects include the Timbits Framework, the Pantry caching library, and the JavaScript code architecture that was used to develop an entire suite of Mobile Applications.

Through my work on the Innovation team, I also gained experience with D3, SVG, Canvas, and WebGL. Last, I gained a sharp and clear insight into the internal workings of the browser's rendering engine in order to maximize code performance an efficiency.

Over the course of my work with other teams at Postmedia, I have worked on several projects in React and Redux on the front end and Node.js and Express on the back end.

Skills at a glance: (Front End)

(Back End)

(Testing Frameworks)

(JavaScript Tools)


(Methodologies and Processes)

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